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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I work with small business owners who are looking to elevate their brand identity and often refer to my process as "curating and brand nurturing”.

I am passionate about helping and inspiring my clients through the creative process so they can authentically express who they are and what they value.  Often, clients know what they need, yet struggle to artistically communicate that vision.

When I listen to my client's needs, I solve the dilemma by visualizing the story and walking through a process of vision mapping with them.

My background in residential interior design, remodeling and project management, has allowed me many opportunities to build from the ground up and given me an eye for creativity.  With this broad perspective, I craft a bespoke story about my clients in the creation of their brand. It's important for me to go the extra mile and create value in everything I do.

In my downtime, I manage Edible Joy, make unique jewelry collections, and can be found exploring beautiful Western North Carolina on the weekends!

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